Pete’s Fly of The Week – The Green Weenie

Midges are available year round to Bighorn fish.  They are especially important in the Spring.  On a lower water year, which we are experiencing now, our Bighorn fish become very selective and you must carry a wide variety of Pupa and Larva versions in all sizes and colors.  The Green Weenie dates back a good while in Bighorn fly pattern history and has resurfaced as a ‘must have’ pattern this past winter and Spring.  We’re not sure if it’s because of the ‘glimmer’ it gives off or what it is, but this guy works!  We are the only shop on the Bighorn to be tied to exact specs by our buddy Jeff Dahl, a frequent guest of ours and long time Bighorn fanatic.  They are available here on our online shop.  Size 18 has been the standard for years, but we added 20’s as well this season.

Green Weenie Recipe:

Hook: TMC 2457 or equivalent 18 or 20

Thread: UTC 70 in Olive (for body)

Rib: X Small pearl UTC flash

Bead: Rainbow glass bead

*Our in house Green Weenies are coated with 5 layers of clear nail polish (UV works too, but not as durable).