Bighorn River Fishing Update 7/27

Phishy Phil with a toad on the hopper

Things are looking up here on the Bighorn.  Thanks to the Bighorn River Alliance, flows out of Yellowtail dam were shifted from a mix of topwater lake release and some lower level release to lower level only.  This helped drop increasing water temperatures to safe (mid 50’s) levels for the near future.  Along with dropping flows, fishing was a bit inconsistent for a day or so but is heading back on the right path of excellent fishing!  It’s extremely busy out there, but the whole river is fishing well, so plenty of room to spread out.

The temperature drop slowed the Caddis and PMD’s down a bit, but we are starting to see them make a comeback.  We’re thinking by this next week we should have some very solid dry fly fishing!

The hopper bite has been a mixed bag, but fairly consistent if you stick with it.

Nymphing has been really good in the morning hours.  Orange Scuds, Carpet Bugs, Rays, Split Cases and Frenchies have been good choices throughout the entire river.

We expect flows to continue dropping the next few days.  This is the start of prime time Summer fishing on the Bighorn so enjoy!