Bighorn River Fishing Update 8/22

BA guide Kanyin Moran with a beast of a brown

The Bighorn is in prime shape right now.  Strong hatches of Black Caddis, PMD’s, Psuedos and a few Tan Caddis have kept the fish looking up throughout the day.  It’s been quite busy out here, but the fish don’t seem to mind!

Morning fishing has been fairly slow as the fish are awaiting the hatches, which occur around 11-dark.  So in other words, don’t rush out to be the first one down the river!

Nymphing has been very steady the entire river with Frenchies, Split Case PMD’s, Poodle Sniffers, Orange Scuds, PT’s and a variety of PMD and Caddis patterns.

If you are on a dry fly mission, remember that persistence and presentation are key factors to getting fish to eat right now.  They’ve been well educated and know what they’re looking for.  They