Bighorn River Fishing Update 8/27

Elvis made an appearance this week..

Fishing is plugging along for late Summer.  The bugs have been a little less inconsistent and it looks like the PMD’s might be on their way out.  There are still enough fish looking up to make a day out of it and the nymphing has had some great moments.  There is a some drifting vegetation below 3 Mile, so keep your bugs clean!

Black and Tan Caddis are the main bugs right now.  Somedays there are PMD’s but it looks like the window is getting shorter.  Afternoons are still the time to find fish on the surface.

Underneath you’ll want to have Poodle Sniffers, Split Case PMD’s, Worms, Frenchies, Nightmare Perdigons and various Caddis pupa.

No sign of Tricos yet.  We’re seeing some on the lower river, but it’s hard to say when they’ll make their appearance up top..