Bighorn River Fishing Update June 4

Water is up again a bit on the Bighorn.  Flows were increased to 3450 CFS a few days back in anticipation of the downpour.  The rain showed up heavy and blew out a good portion of the river below 3 Mile.  With the bump in flows, the moss got let loose a bit as well.  Things are getting back to normal as we speak.  Overall, fishing has been good in the afternoons, although not as consistent as it was a week or so ago.

The Baetis are still out for random afternoon windows and some fish are on them.  They’ve been really picky lately, so definitely not a numbers deal.

Nymphing has been day to day.  Some days great, some days not so much.  Carpet Bugs, Rainbow Candy, Quills, Silver Bullets, random Perdigons and worms have been the consistent ticket.  Keep your bugs clean right now!  It makes a big difference between fish and no fish.

Water temps are still pretty chilly (mid 40’s).  We’re hoping they start rising here in the next few weeks and the streamer bite might pick up as well.